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1Holy Land USA, easily seen if you lift your eyes off of I-84E in Waterbury, CT, I have wanted to visit for years.  It is not easy to access.  Built in the early 1950’s by lawyer and evangelist John Greco, the 17-acre Biblical theme park closed several years before Greco’s death in 1986.  It has deteriorated since, picked clean of most artifacts and sculptures.  It is off-limits, with threatening signs, perhaps since July 2010, when a deranged local youth killed his girlfriend and dumped her body here.  I only entered as far as the former parking lot.

It was once a vacation destination, receiving as many 44,000 visitors a year.  Now it is a monument to post-Christian America, screaming neglect.

Elsewhere, as the secular iconoclasts – who differ from the ISIS ones by largely being non-violent – stalk the land, stripping public spaces of our Christian heritage, we lose part of our history and selves.

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