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It is lights out for America, as the largest border invasion in U.S. history only grows...

In the last border patrol of his life (six months into mast cell cancer), Zeno performed with flying colors and fulfilled his duty, less than two months before his death.

We have patrolled much of the southern border a number of times, especially along the New Mexican and Texan lines. This patrol, for medical reasons, was a shorter one, from El Paso to Del Rio, Texas along US 90.

In preparation, I read Todd Bensman’s America’s Covert Border War, which detailes the manifold risks even before the Biden Administration intentionally opened the flood gates and became accessories to the greatest invasion in our country’s history.

He presciently foretells, based on the Democrat debates and each candidate’s radical, full-throated support of an open border, that the invasion would far exceed Europe’s migrant crisis post-2015 and the Syrian War caused by the Obama Administration’s mismanagement.

Illegal entries last year alone almost reached the 2.5m who flooded Europe over four years. With the lifting of Title 42, the last protection in place, illegal crossings are estimated this year to exceed 5m, or twice the four-year record in Europe.

Bensman, a counter-terrorism expert, focuses on the terrorist threat, now flashing red.

If it’s fair to conclude Europe did not learn the lessons of September 11 until migrant jihadists struck widely there, neither has America learned the lessons of Europe since 2015. [p.xviii]

Specifically, more Europeans died of jihadi terror attacks between 2014 and 2018 than in the prior twenty years.

Bensman concludes about his area of specialty:

The international jihadist community is aware that people-camouflaged border infiltration will eventually work. [p.219]

Tragically, while America’s elites bewail the lateset European migrant crisis and the Ukraine’s loss of sovereignty, especially along the Russian-speaking eastern border of that benighted country, why is there hardly a peep about the ongoing and massive invasion, now year after year, along our southern border? The Biden Administration has purposefully hamstrung both ICE and Border Patrol, turning them into greeters, and effectively has turned over control of the entire 2,000 mile border to Mexican drug and human trafficking cartels. The damage to our country, and to all those whose suffer rape, sex enslavement, assault, addiction (from the cartel’s flood of drugs) or death, is immeasurable.

Those responsible in our lawless political class need to be held accountable.


Todd Bensman, America’s Covert Border War, The Untold Story of The Nation’s Battle to Prevent Jihadist Infiltration, 2021, Post Hill Press, Nashville  [please hover over images for captions]

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