mid-coast maine 2

fish boat returns“Maine, along with Florida, is the most geographically isolated of the lower forty-eight, which may explain its agelessness. Although only the 11th largest, it feels massive by northeastern standards, and wild beyond this New Englander’s imagination, the wildness compounded by a sense of enormity – and isolation.” p.25, Borderlands USA

A family reunion led me back to the relatively busy mid-coast region of Sebasco, the water frigid, the weather wonderfully variable.  [please hover over images for captions]

“It would take most of a week and well over one thousand miles – the length of all Central America – to partially ring Maine, one of the profound surprises of my trip.” p.26

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2 thoughts on “mid-coast maine

  • Sandy Batchelder

    Ben these are wonderful pictures of our short vacation. Your sense of composition is extraordinary. I liked the first one the best (boat returning) and the second one next best (moody day). Thanks for doing this. Dad